The compilation of walls, corridors, rooms, ceilings, and stairwells are the general make up of a house. Several individual pieces that once combined will give us the whole idea. But, it is their combination, their way of fitting in and sticking out that makes it whole; it is their blueprint design that is required to master the ideal home.
To any grand structure, there is always a raw outline. The human body calls it anatomy, a symphony calls it a score, and a constructor calls it a blueprint. Here at TEDxAUB, no other image suits our event better than Blueprint. On November 14, 2015 we will have varying speakers spanning different schools of thought; however different their talks are from one another they all carry a similar desire: the blueprints to a gripping idea, and an inspiring story.
Blueprints are peculiar; from different angles one will see a different objective; however, from above, the blueprint acts as a just layout for what to expect. Our speakers will give different angles, but as a whole they collectively will present to you, the audience, the outline required to make a change.
Event Details
Date: Nov. 14 2015
Time: 9a.m. till 3p.m.
Location: Beirut, AUB, Charles W.Hostler Student Center (Auditorium)